How do I Create a Looking for Mythic Plus Profile for my Character(s)?

Raider.IO is proud to present our new Recruitment feature! Recruit new members for your guild, mythic + team (coming soon!), or search for a new guild!
In this FAQ, we will show you how to search for a Mythic + team for your characters!

Initial Steps

  1. To start, you can either click on the Recruitment banner at the top, or you will find the recruitment panel under your character list on the left side of the screen.

screenshot 1.PNG

  1. In step 1 in the screenshot above, you will click on the character panel to highlight it blue.
  2. In step 2, you will choose what type of activity you are looking to participate in. Your current choice will be highlighted in blue. Please note that currently it is only possible to choose one option for guilds – Guild Raids, Mythic+, PVP, or social.
  3. In step 3, click on the character you wish to mark as your main for recruitment. This chosen character will be highlighted while the others are faded out.

Character Slots

  1. Click Customize Profile at the bottom of the screen to start your profile for this character. On the next screen, you will see your chosen character, as well as all of the specializations available to that character. Clicking on a specialization will turn its’ border black to indicate you’ve chosen this specialization. Example below.

screenshot 2.PNG

  1. Please also note that you have the ability to choose your secondary specialization. Below your main spec choice, you will see a white box to add your secondary spec. When you click this, you will be able to choose your secondary spec. Note: you are able to choose as many specs as you want for secondary, but not your choice for your main spec. a. In the screenshot above, you can see the Add Alternate Character button as well. You can click this to choose any of your other characters shown on your Raider.IO account and designate them as an alt that you are able to play at a high level. Like your main, you can choose a main spec, as well as alt specs.


screenshot 3.PNG

  1. Next you will need to set what days and times you are available under Time Commitment. When first navigating to the Schedule tab, you will see the Days per Week and Hours per Day fields at the top. If you are only available for, say 3 hours each session, you would enter this number in the left white box. However, if you are available for a range of time, you would click the Set Range button, as seen above. When this option is enabled, you will need to put your minimum time in the left box, and your maximum time in the right box.
  2. Next, we’ll go down to the Schedule section of the tab. This section you can choose your time Zone. You just need to hit the drop down and find your time zone.
  3. Next, we’ll move to Days of Week. In this drop down you have Any Day, Any Weekday, Any Weekend, and Custom Schedule. Any Day sets your availability to any day/time, any weekday sets your availability to any weekday/time during the weekdays, and Any Weekend sets your availability to any weekend day/time. Custom Schedule is a little more complex:

screenshot 4.PNG

Custom schedule allows you to set custom days and custom times for when you are available. Simply click on the checkbox next to the day to open it up. Days that do not have their checkbox checked will not be shown as an available day.
a. Note: The end time will autofill with your choice from the minimum value of your set Hours per Day range. Example: I put I am available starting from 19:00. My end time will autofill to 22:00.


screenshot 5.PNG

  1. This section allows you to set conditions for certain situations. For example, you can tell teams if you’re willing to switch factions.


screenshot 6.PNG

  1. The publish tab helps you set additional parameters that will help teams find your profile. The Languages section is where you will set what languages you are willing/able to speak in your team. Tags allows you to set what type of environment you’re looking for in a team. Note that only 3 are allowed at this time. Profile caption allows you to put up a brief, custom bio about who you are and what you’re looking for in your team. Note that the current character limit is 100. Lastly, you can set your profile privacy. You can set it to show up in a search by anyone, or you can set it to only be visible to you or teams that you apply to.
  2. Once you have completed every step, you will be able to save and activate your character profile using the blue button in the bottom right corner of the panel.

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