Raider.IO's Recruitment FAQ

Raider.IO is very excited to now offer a new way to recruit players for your guild for raiding, Mythic+ (coming soon!), PvP or just social members to make your adventures in Azeroth and beyond a more social experience! Below is a list of common questions and answers to help you with any issues you may have.

Question: What is recruitment?

Answer: Recruitment is a way for you as a player or as an officer in a guild/Mythic+ team to find new players to play with. This system allows you to set certain parameters to ensure you find players that match your expectations and ambitions within the game. For example, your mythic raid team does not have a full roster? Create a profile on Raider.IO's recruitment section for your guild and players will be able to see if your guilds raid team(s) and ambitions match your own and apply to join you permanently. As a player you will be able to look for guilds that match your schedule and availability in game to ensure you get the perfect match.

Question: How do I make a recruitment profile?

Answer: Making a recruitment profile for yourself, your guild or your M+ team (coming soon!) is a relatively simple process! We have comprehensive step-by-step guides at the bottom of this page that will lead you through with images to assist as well as a very active support team in Raider.IO's discord that are more than willing to help you with all your recruitment questions.

Question: Why has my profile been deactivated?

Answer: Profiles are disabled after two weeks to save on server space and stop you getting spammed if you have found what you're looking for - If you are still looking to use the Recruitment feature then head over to the Recruitment tab and click the 'Activate' button in your Recruitment Profile and you'll be back online and ready to find what you need.

Question: Why is my Schedule tab showing as incomplete?

Answer: If everything is filled in correctly or the profile is being reactivated you may need to refresh the Time Zone section of the Schedule tab. Just change it to any time zone then back to your own and this should remove the incomplete flag.

Question: Why does the time zone not match in the Recruitment Profile editor and the tooltip?

Answer: The way it's designed to work is that when viewing a recruitment profile in the editor it will render the recruitment profile's times in the time zone you configured for that profile (so the numbers line up between what you enter in the editor and what you see in the profile preview). Everywhere else you see the profile it will be automatically adjusted to show you it in the timezone you've configured in your account, or that your browser is set to. Can you see what time zone you have it set to here? https://Raider.IO/settings/time

Raider.IO Recruitment Step-By-Step Guides:

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