Mythic Plus

  • How do you rank Mythic+ Keystone runs?

    Our system is designed to reward players for running higher and higher Mythic+ keys and completing them on time. We built the system with two primary motivations: We wanted to reward players for successfully running higher and higher keys, so we made the base value of a dungeon increase exponent...
  • How do you rank characters for Mythic+?

    A character's Mythic+ score is calculated by summing their highest scoring run from each dungeon. Characters earn a score for each of their roles, and a score across all of their roles combined. You can see an example of this in the image below: This character, Gravykin (
  • What is the base score value for each level keystone?

    This is the base value for each level keystone if completed exactly in time. If you complete it faster the value will increase from here, and if you go over time the value will decrease. | Keystone Level | Base Score | | -------------: | ---------- | | +2 | 20 points | | +3 | 30 points | | +4 | ...
  • Will my character's Mythic+ score go down if I fail a timer or run a lower key?

    No, your character's Mythic+ score will never go down by running a key out of time or a lower key level. It may not go up, but it will never go down. This is because when calculating your Mythic+ score we only add up the highest scoring run you have from each dungeon.