How do you rank Mythic+ Keystone runs?

Our system is designed to reward players for running higher and higher Mythic+ keys and completing them on time. We built the system with two primary motivations:

  • We wanted to reward players for successfully running higher and higher keys, so we made the base value of a dungeon increase exponentially — just like the difficulty of the dungeons themselves.
  • We wanted to more heavily reward those that are completing dungeons on time, so we also added a penalty system that reduces the value of a run as it goes further and further over time.

You can view runs on Raider.IO via these different leaderboards:

Timed Runs Leaderboard: This leaderboard includes only runs that have been completed on time and orders runs by their calculated Raider.IO Score.

All Runs Leaderboard: This ranks runs exactly as Blizzard does on their standard leaderboards. This means, that the runs are ranked first by the Mythic+ level of the dungeon, then by how long it took for the run to be completed. This leaderboard allows you to see all runs, even those that have gone over the timer.

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