"Your character is missing essential API data" message is displayed on my character page

If a character is missing some essential API data, it will display the following message on a character's profile page:

missing api data message.PNG

Raider.IO looks at several different stats on a character in order to build a full profile for it. This message will keep you from being able to use the Recruitment system or Mythic+ team system on the website until it is resolved.

To resolve this message, follow these steps:

  • Log into World of Warcraft, and then log into the character that's having the issue.
  •  Complete the following tasks: 
    • complete 2 world quests
    • use a healthstone
    • Pick up a quest and then abandon it
    • deal a killing blow in pvp combat
    • get an honorable kill
  • Log out of your character, so that you are back on the character selection screen.
  • Go to the Raider.IO website and go to your character's profile page. You will click on the "Update Character" button on this page.

update now.PNG

  • Go to your Raider.IO account settings by hovering over your account icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click settings. Then, click on the blue "Refresh Blizzard Account Data" button.

refresh Blizzard data.PNG

If these steps do not resolve the message, please submit a ticket for review, or request help from a moderate in the #support channel in the Raider.IO discord server.

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