How do I keep M+ Score after transfer / rename / faction / race change?

We have a system that will automatically determine character transfers in many cases. Please try the following if you haven't already:

  1. Log in and out of your character.
  2. Ensure that your new character is showing on the armory.
  3. This Step Is Most Important❗ Navigate to the "Dungeon & Raids" and "Mythic Keystone Dungeons" tab on your Blizzard Armory. If there are no runs listed please wait for blizzard to update and populate your runs into your profile. Click on each of your runs, especially if specific ones are missing and check the following.
    1. Your character portrait should be filled in and not blank.
    2. Your name should display correctly here.
    3. It should be linked to the correct server. You can either mouse over it or click your name to go to the page to verify.

Character Transfer Example

❌If even one of the three are not correct then blizzard has not finished updating your information and you should wait for that to happen before proceeding further. This can take the Armory anywhere from 5 minutes to several days to update with your latest information; with rare cases even taking multiple weeks. While you may try the next steps, the only way to guarantee they work is if the above is correct.❌

4. If your Armory is displaying correctly (step 3), log in to the Raider IO website and got under your account settings to to your Blizzard Account settings ( Press the blue button that says "Refresh Blizzard Account Data".
5. Then load up your characters page and click the blue button that says "Update Character".

Wait a few minutes and reload your characters page and see if your score transferred properly. If it is please wait for the next addon update for it to show in game.

If you've tried all of the above it is still not working, please send us your old and new character/realm names so that we may look into the issue further.

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