How can I make characters private or hide them in the addon?

The data we show on the site and in the addon is sourced from information provided by Blizzard in their public API:

If you would like to prevent this from being visible on the site, you can utilize our privacy tools to do so. However, to do this you must first claim your characters to validate that you have control of them.

To access our privacy features:

  • Create an account:
  • Link your Blizzard Account with Raider.IO to claim your characters:
  • Then for each character, go to its page under your Settings and choose the "Privacy" tab. You can control many options there.
  • Save the changes for each character, or change it on one character and select "Apply to All" to have the privacy settings apply to all claimed characters.

Once you've done all this, just wait a few minutes and it should be reflected on the site. Any addon setting changes will be reflected in the next addon update.

You can safely disconnect your Blizzard account at this point and then delete your Raider.IO account by going here: Just make sure to not remove character customizations, otherwise the privacy settings you had applied to the characters will be wiped.

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