Search Engine Quick Search Tips and Tricks

There are several different ways that you can narrow your searches in the quick search on the Raider.IO website.

  1. Use your character or guild's specific server to narrow a search.
    1. Use this format to search in this way: (character or guild name) (region)-(server).
      1. Example: Kubie US-Mal'Ganis
  2. Use your character's class to narrow your search.
    1. You can use your character's class to narrow a search. A common reason you would do this is if you have a common character name and need to narrow your search down.
      1. Use this format to narrow this search: (character name) (class: (class name))
        1. Example: Kubie class: warrior
          1. NOTE: Any class with more than one word will have a "-" in-between the words.
  3. After typing in the full name of what you want to search, press enter to compile a list of results that are either a complete match and also results that include that full name.
    1. For example, if I type in the name Kubie into the quick search, and then press enter, it will compile a list of all results that either are exactly Kubie, or include Kubie in their name.

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