Search Engine

  • My Character/Guild Doesn't Have Alt Codes, But I See Results with Alt Codes

    When you use the quick search, it will also pull in results that include alt codes for results that are similar to yours. This is help those that have alt codes in their names to be able to find their characters easier.
  • Search Engine Quick Search Tips and Tricks

    There are several different ways that you can narrow your searches in the quick search on the Raider.IO website. Use your character or guild's specific server to narrow a search. Use this format to search in this way: (character or guild name) (region)-(server). Example: Kubie US-Mal'Ganis Use y...
  • Why Isn't My Character Showing in the Quick Search?

    First, check to make sure you can navigate to your character's profile page. You can do this from your account settings. If you can navigate to it, you are probably unable to see your character name in the immediate list for the following reasons: There are too many characters with a similar na...