Replay System UI Overview

Introducing our brand new Reply System! This feature allows you to pit your runs against others, allowing you to race against a chosen run, or simply see if you’re on track for completing the dungeon in time.
To access the system, turn it on or off in game by typing /rio and then going to the Raider.IO Client Customization section.

Once you’ve enabled the system, it will appear any time you enter a dungeon on mythic difficulty. Here’s what the window looks like:

Replay UI Window

Let’s break down what each section of the window means.

Top Section:

This section shows you the level of the run you’re doing, as well as if the run is fortified or tyrannical. The cogwheel icon is where you will access the different customization options for the replay system.

Middle Section:

This section shows you different stats about the run you chose to run against. The clock icon section tells you how long the run took, the monster icon tells you how many bosses were defeated, the count slashes tells you the percentage of trash, and the gravestone icon tells you how many deaths, and how much time was lost from those deaths.

Bottom Section:

This section tells you at what time during the run each boss was engaged, and then how long the boss fight lasted.

Replay Window Cogwheel Settings

To access the different customization options on the replay window, click on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner.


Replay allows you to choose from a few different runs for the specific dungeon you are in. You can also copy the URL of the run you have currently chosen by clicking copy replay URL.


The timing option changes whether or not the time in parenthesis in the bottom section shows the amount of time the boss took (boss time) or the time in the dungeon that the boss was defeated (dungeon time).
Boss time:

Dungeon Time:


Style allows you to choose to show all sections of the replay UI (standard), just the middle section and top sections (compact), or just the top and bottom sections (bosses only). Please refer to the replay UI window section for a refresher on what is shown in each section of the replay UI.


The position section allows you to customize where the window displays on your screen. Depending on what you already have chosen, you will see the settings undock, dock, unlock, and lock.

By default, you will always see undock before you are able to access the dock, unlock, and lock options. Choosing undock allows you to then to go to position again and choose unlock, allowing you to customize where on the screen you want your replay UI to be. Once you’ve got it where you want it, go back to position and choose lock. If you’re ok with where the default position is, you can choose dock.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to submit a ticket using the ? icon on the website, or contact us on our discord server in the support channel!

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