Replay System

  • How do I turn off the Mythic+ Replay System?

    To turn off the Replay system: Log into World of Warcraft. Type /rio. Scroll down to Raider.IO Client Customization. Uncheck "Show Mythic+ Replay System".
  • Replay System UI Overview

    Introducing our brand new Reply System! This feature allows you to pit your runs against others, allowing you to race against a chosen run, or simply see if you’re on track for completing the dungeon in time. To access the system, turn it on or off in game by typing /rio and then going to the Rai...
  • Replay System Website Options

    On the Raider.IO website, there are several options that shows you the runs that are available to you on the UI in game. To access the settings: go here. For a visual, here is where to access the replay settings: In this section, you can choose several presets and featured presets, including ...