How do I mark a character as my Main / why is my alt not displaying my Mains information?

For Mythic Plus progress, you no longer have to mark a character as Main. This is done automatically based off which character has the highest score on your Raider.IO account. Marking a character as a Main will now effectively display Raid progress, alongside the automatically picked Mythic Plus Main.

1- Log in to, and navigate to your Settings.

2- Select the desired character to be your Main from the left bar

3- Check 'Mark as Main Character.' then click 'Save' (By default, this is all you need to do. However, if you want to confirm it will show on all your alts, continue reading.)

4- Select the alt that you want to have to display a link to the Main character.
5- Check 'Include Link to Main Character on site and RaiderIO Addon.' then click 'Save'

Note: All characters must meet the Minimum Criteria in order to show up in the addon, even if the main character far surpasses them.

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