What is the Auto Route Creator?

The Auto Route Creator allows you to pull up the exact route a group took during every step of a Mythic + dungeon, powered in part by Keystone.Guru!

In Order to Access the feature, you will need to go to the Permalink for a mythic + run. You can access it by clicking on the run details on any character profile, or from the leaderboards. Note: The view route button can be clicked before you go to the permalink, but clicking permalink first will bring the run details fullscreen for better visibility.

auto route permalink.PNG

Once You've clicked on permalink, you'll see the view route button at the top right. Note: Only runs that are verified can be used by this feature. A verified run has the yellow check mark in the upper left corner, which means it was live tracked by our desktop client. Only runs that were completed and verified on or after 7/21/23 after Auto Route was enabled have the View Route button on them. For more information on how to install the desktop client and how to enable live tracking, click here: Live Tracking

auto route 1.PNG

Once you've clicked on view route, you'll see all the details of the run pop up below. Note that on this screen, you have the ability to look in each individual "floor" of a dungeon to visualize the route, as well as the ability to export the run to Method Dungeon Tools, or view the route on Keystone Guru.

auto route 2.PNG

Below this visualization, you'll see the exact dungeon breakdown. That is, when the group killed certain mobs, bosses, and when anyone died.

auto route 3.PNG

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