How do I view a Route on Keystone.Guru?

In order to view a route on Auto Route Creator on Keystone.Guru, you'll want to click the view route button on the Keystone.Guru section.

view on keystone guru.PNG

When you click view route, you'll be redirected to Keystone.Guru, which will show you more detailed information on each pull, showing the exact percentage each pull is worth, as well as where that pull is located. You can also use the options along the left side of the screen to view other details of the run.

keystone guru export.PNG

Floors: Allows to you switch to a visualization of the different floors in a dungeon.

Visuals: Allows you to view the enemy icons in different ways.


Portrait allows you to view the enemy's model portrait. This is the default mode that most people will be used to.


Class allows you to view it by the enemy's class. For example, it'll show a warrior icon for an enemy that does primary physical damage only, a priest icon for a healer or caster enemy, a skull icon for a boss, etc.


Type tells you the type of mob the enemy is. For example, if the enemy is a giant, humanoid, aberration, etc.


Enemy Forces tells you what percentage a mob is worth for total enemy forces slain.

enemy forces.PNG

Elements: The elements menu allows you to add/remove elements to/from the visualization of the dungeon. For example, the visualization shows the patrol routes of the different patrols in the dungeon. Clicking Patrols will enable those routes to be shown if Patrols is highlighted in blue, or will remove them when Patrols is the normal black background.


Next, let's go over a little bit of the pull features on the right side. First thing to note is that when you click on a pull, it will highlight it on the pull list, and then also highlight where that pull is in the visualization. Also note that each pull is sorted by which floor of the dungeon that pull is located.

visualization 1.PNG

Any questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to contact our support team on discord or via the ? button on the website. We're always here to help!

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