How do I set up Discord Alerts?

Webhook Setup

You are able to set up a variety of discord alerts, including: guild and team mythic plus activity alerts, weekly affixes alerts, mythic plus record breaker alerts, and more!

To view the full list, go here:

In this article, we'll be using the Mythic Plus Guild Activity Alert webhook to walk through how to set up alerts.

First, you'll click the disabled button to enabled next to the webhook you want to enable.

webhook 1.PNG

Next, you'll type in the guild's name that you want to receive alerts for. Note: if you cannot find your guild, try searching it in the format of Guild name Region-Server. For example, I would type in celestials us-mal'ganis.

webhook 2.PNG

Below the guild search bar, you'll see other settings that you're able to set. Here are those settings:

Minimum number of guild members present in the run.

Minimum Mythic + level.

format of the alert (detailed or simple).

Choose to show all runs, or only runs without the time limit.

Once you've set all of your settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue button titled Add Webhook to Discord.

webhook 3.PNG

From there, you'll be asked to log into discord. You'll see a dropdown that asks you which server you want to add the alert to. Note: Only servers that you have admin/mod rights in will show up on this list. If you do not see the discord server in the add to server list, contact the server's owner to set your permissions.

webhook 4.jpg  Inkedwebhook 5.jpg

After you've chosen your server, you'll choose the channel you want to set the alert in. At this point, the alert will be set. You will see the page below if setup was successful.

webhook 6.PNG

If you have any questions at all, feel free to send us a ticket, or you can also reach our mods on our discord server!

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