Steps to reset your to Raider.IO Connection

There are some cases where we'll ask you to reset your connection between Raider.IO and If you need those steps, or just want to do it yourself to refresh your connection, here are the steps to do that:
1.       Disable the third-party access setting on your account.
        a.       Log onto
        b.       Click on your account name in the top right corner, then go to account settings.
        c.       Click on privacy & communication on the left side of the screen.
        d.       Scroll down to Share Game data.
        e.       If the button says enable, click disable. If it’s already disabled, go to step 2. You may get a message saying it can take up to 30 days to reenable the setting. It will allow you to enable the setting within a few minutes.
third party access.PNG
2.       Disconnect your account from your Raider.IO account.
        a.       Log onto Raider.IO.
        b.       Hover over your account symbol in the top right corner (the icon directly to the right of the chat bubble icon).
        c.       Click settings.
        d.       Click the red Disconnect Blizzard Account button.
disconnect account.PNG
3.       Go to the settings outlined in step 1 and switch it to enabled.
4.       Reconnect your account to your Raider.IO account.
        a.       Go to the area outlined in step 2.
        b.      Click the region your account is on, and then click Link Blizzard Account. Note that this will link whatever account was last logged into on
5.     Sync your Blizzard data with your Raider.IO account (blue button to the left of the red disconnect button outlined in step 2).

Note: These changes will not reflect until the next scheduled addon build. You can find out what times the builds go live here: Build times

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