How come my +15 doesn't rank but a +2 does?

We understand it feels wrong to see a higher run fail to show up in your profile when a much lower run may show up afterwards.

The reason for this behavior is that runs are placed onto a Weekly Top 100 leaderboard specific to each realm and dungeon, which causes several subtle behaviors that may not be initially intuitive:

  • This is a weekly top 100 by realm and dungeon
  • This means it starts empty after reset and fills up as runs are completed
  • This is why even on high pop realms a low level run can still rank if completed early in the week
  • This is also why running with people on lower pop realms can increase the chance of ranking, because Blizzard will attempt to place your run on each player’s realm’s leaderboard

If you ever see a situation where there is a low level run that ranked when your higher run didn't, you should be able to pull up the details of that low ranking run and see that one or more of the players you were with were on a lower population realm, which is what allowed the run to rank -- because their leaderboards had not yet been saturated with high level runs that week.

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